A community hospital TV campaign that birthed two Aster Awards

A Homemade Approach to Promoting Maternity Care.

The journey from pregnancy to childbirth is filled with firsts, from the first ultrasound to the first time you hold your baby in your arms. It’s a time when every moment is treasured. IRMC understands that the journey of pregnancy and childbirth is deeply personal and unique to each family.

Much like the playful clatter of chopsticks dancing on the piano keys, the exuberant rendition of “Happy Birthday” perfectly captures the enthusiasm and vivacity shared by the children and their families.

To capture the essence of this journey, IRMC and Elisco decided to take a homemade approach, using video and photographs provided by the mothers who have given birth at IRMC. These real moments, including vacations, birthdays, and first steps, serve as a testament to the care and warmth that IRMC provides throughout the maternity process.

More than just a maternity center, IRMC is a place where the journey of creating a family is celebrated, cherished, and personalized for each family. With a homemade touch, the spots promote IRMC as the perfect choice for expectant mothers looking for a memorable, comfortable, and joyful maternity care experience. The campaign included seven TV spots that were also used on social media and the hospital website. Two of the spots were Gold Aster Award winners.