The artichoke holds a special place in the history of our agency.

What’s the deal with the artichoke?

When people first learn about Elisco’s Creative Café, they ask a lot of questions – like what is our specialty and who are our clients. Occasionally, someone will ask — what’s the deal with the artichoke. 

The artichoke is important to us because it’s at the core of who we really are. We selected the artichoke for several reasons.

First, it represents the Italian heritage of our firm and my father, who founded the agency.

The second reason is that it’s a very unique vegetable, and we like to believe we’re different — there are thousands of agencies and design firms, but there’s only one Creative Café.

Another reason we selected the artichoke is because it has multiple layers, and we always bring deep thinking to all of the projects and programs we work on.

The last reason we selected it—and probably the most important—is that at the center of the artichoke is a really good heart. For us, having a good heart guides what we’re doing — in business and in life. 

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