This Super Bowl, I’ll be rooting for corporate culture.

Culture wins — in sports and branding. 

In one year, the Tampa Bay Bucs have gone from a losing record to the Super Bowl. Sports experts attribute the dramatic change in the team’s performance to the new quarterback, Tom Brady, his talent — and how Brady changed Tampa Bay’s culture. 

The authority on staying connected

Celebrating 30 years of Americans with Disabilities Act.

Public transportation reduces air pollution, use of fossil fuels, and traffic. However, its most significant benefit may be the freedom it provides to every resident in a community. Through its network of buses, light-rail, and shared-ride, the Port Authority of Allegheny County helps people access better jobs, quality schools, critical healthcare, and more. And since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Port Authority has met and exceeded every ADA requirement.

Beer. As God Intended.

Some companies put the craziest things in their beer — like caramel coloring, corn syrup, and monosodium glutamate. Unlike other so-called beers, Stoney’s is made with three natural ingredients: water, barley, and hops.

Spouting the truth about CBD water

Branding a consumer product in an emerging category.

CBD USA Grown (CUG), a national wholesale supplier of health and wellness products, selected Elisco to help launch its new CBD water. Working together, Elisco developed a marketing communications plan, outlined a strategic media approach, and created a product name, packaging, and promotional materials.

Our office of the future — isn’t an office

A virtual agency that’s always around.

When COVID-19 happened, we had to close our office and work remotely for almost four months. During this time, we realized something — a virtual agency actually works. We met deadlines. We stayed within budgets. And we delivered the results our clients expected. All without an office. In fact, while working remotely, we continued to receive the kind of client feedback that we’ve always gotten like “We love your work!” and “This is amazing!”

Conducting the business of care during COVID-19

When people don’t get medical care, it can lead to serious problems.

As Pennsylvania moved into the green phase of reopening, the physicians at Indiana Regional Medical Center noticed a disturbing national and local trend. Out of fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus, people were ignoring serious medical symptoms and conditions. In some cases, patients were having strokes and heart attacks and refusing to get any medical care. As a result, when patients were finally taken to a hospital, there were additional medical complications that could’ve been avoided. In some cases, it was too late, and patients died.

Creating a safer, more connected workplace — together

How a trade show helped launch a strategic acquisition.

MSA Safety is the global leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures. To accelerate its strategy to enhance worker safety through the use of cloud technology and wireless connectivity, MSA acquired a leading provider of IIoT solutions, Sierra Monitor and its brand Fieldserver. MSA promoted the acquisition in a variety of ways, including feature stories in trade publications. In addition, MSA worked with Elisco to connect MSA and FieldServer customers at the AHR Expo through trade show messaging, exhibit graphic design, email marketing, and video.

Celebrating 20-years of service — with a yearlong campaign

Community LIFE is dedicated to helping older adults stay healthy and at home. As regional experts in advanced chronic illness management, Community LIFE is an all-inclusive program tailored to seniors’ healthcare needs. To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Community LIFE asked Elisco to develop a marketing communications plan to help educate, increase awareness, and grow participant enrollment in the LIFE program.

A Surgical Symphony

How physicians lead the way — robotically.

Unlike most rural, community hospitals, Indiana Regional Medical Center offers patients minimally invasive and robotic surgery with its da Vinci Xi Surgical System. Utilizing an advanced robotics computer, the da Vinci Xi allows each movement of the surgeon’s hand to be translated into smaller, more precise movements inside the patient’s body.

A direct message for a no-nonsense audience

How to reach safety directors that wear a lot of hats.

MSA is a Pittsburgh-based company that keeps construction workers and worksites safe. With 105 years in safety, and top-of-the-line products and services, MSA wanted to introduce a new senior sales manager to a select group of companies through targeted direct mail and telesales.  

How to make a big impact with big data

Turning a deep dive into an easy, meaningful read.

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP) is a non-profit community development organization cultivating and implementing innovative programs to enhance Pittsburgh’s downtown. As an advocate for businesses, workers, and residents, the PDP helps make Pittsburgh a thriving urban environment through a wide variety of programs, including streetscaping and placemaking, to developing and hosting many of Pittsburgh’s signature events like the nationally recognized Picklesburgh.

Communications during the COVID crisis

How a hospital CEO led the way on social media.

When there’s a healthcare crisis, people turn to the professionals they know and trust. In Indiana and Westmoreland County, that means the doctors, nurses, and staff at Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC). As a result, in mid-March 2020, when COVID-19 reached Pennsylvania, people were justifiably afraid and looking for answers and guidance from the government and their local healthcare provider.

Café News

New Clients

We’re collaborating with several new clients on a variety of projects, including digital, video, direct mail, trade shows, and more.


Save the Date

Look for a date and invite for our annual February “Wines We Love” party. This year we’re excited to be celebrating at a new venue!

Why your pre-show marketing should include video

Trades shows can be one of the most competitive environments to gain attention and effectively differentiate your brand. At every show, attendees are assaulted with countless messages — before they enter the exhibit hall. As a result, pre-show marketing is a powerful way to increase booth traffic and brand awareness.

Celebrate Friendsgiving with Stoney’s

Old-School beer for new millennial transplants.

For four generations, Stoney’s has brewed its beer with the same key ingredients — water, yeast, malt, and hops. That’s why it’s pure, honest beer. There’s no corn, rice, syrup, propylene glycol — whatever that is — or artificial coloring. It’s just beer. Honestly.

What social media platform is best for your business?

Comparing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Social media is an important tool for connecting with and engaging your audience. But not every social media network may be right for your audience. Understanding the types of people who use each network and what they use it for is essential for determining if it is right for your brand, and what type of brand voice and content you must create for that network.

How to Make Your Marketing Investment Pay Off

Effective Advertising: What it means to invest in your brand’s growth.

It can seem that in today’s world, advertising is not driving the growth it used to. Massive amounts of money is spent on advertising, but more and more, that advertising is not being noticed and not leaving an impact on the intended audience. A few telling stats:

Real Estate Branding: The art of putting something on the map

Due to Pittsburgh’s recent explosion in real estate growth, our agency has found ourselves working on more and more branding projects for commercial real estate properties, services, and various other category specific projects. This has been great news for the Pittsburgh market, and also for our agency.

A national campaign to help local kids

Recruiting teachers to change lives for the better.

Propel is a network of public charter schools with a mission to transform the lives of children in under-served communities through innovative, student-centered learning. To help recruit teachers at their thirteen locations, a unique residency program was established so people with a bachelor’s degree could earn their teaching certification while getting paid and have a guaranteed position at Propel.

Broken customer experience in banking

We all know that consumers have increasingly demanded a smoother and faster-paced purchasing process for products and services across all industries. With our leaps in digital over the past decade, the “Now” economy not only expects this type of purchasing process, they demand it. In financial services, this certainly needs to become the standard as well. 

2019 Summer Interns

Elisco’s Creative Café is on the lookout for students or recent grads eager to earn experience at an ad agency. Applicants should be right at home multi-tasking on projects, taking-charge of tasks and paying attention to the details. Interns will be focusing on Elisco as their main client, as well as assisting on select client projects as needed. Over the years, some of the agency’s best interns have been offered full-time positions at the agency or joined our network of freelancers.

How to attract and hire a specific audience

Nurse Family Partnership had four Public Health Nurse positions that needed to be filled as soon as possible. The position had a very specific audience: individuals residing in Allegheny County with a BSN, who were comfortable with daily traveling and caring for pregnant women and children in their homes.

CaféLife issue 1

Last week we said farewell & arrivederci to our four summer interns. If you’ve been keeping up with our café blog, & we hope you have, you’ve seen some of their work first hand. Theresa (Copywriting), Brandon (Graphic Design), Joe (Business Development), & Sydney (Account Management) brought us fresh perspectives & impressive work all summer long. Today, we’re thrilled to share a taste of what they created for the Elisco’s Creative Café brand.

Finding Paris in Pittsburgh

I have recently been haunted by a certain Facebook video poking fun at study abroad students. The blonde caricature student rambles again and again, “when I was abroad…” filling in the blanks by longing for every European cliché from a more relaxed lifestyle to a different drinking culture.

Artificial intelligence: outsourcing thinking

As advancements in technology rapidly push us further into the future, businesses will continue to utilize the latest tech to optimize their day-to-day functions. Artificial Intelligence systems, or AI for short, are enabling computers, gadgets, and machines to learn, think, and react to data in the same manner that humans do. AI systems are already beginning to have an imprint on the way we live. Do you remember that Uber you called last Saturday night? An AI system was used to determine the ride fare. How about the spam filter in your Gmail account? Yup, that was also a product of machine learning. Have you ever noticed how Facebook can recognize faces in uploaded photos? That’s because they taught a computer how to look for them. Don’t panic though – robots that can think and act on their own accord are still a product of fiction. However, marketing agencies are beginning to delegate some of their daily tasks to AI systems.

One part cuisine, one part conversation: Anthony Bourdain’s best recipe

Anthony Bourdain knew that the best conversations unfolded over a meal. At Elisco, we know this, too—it’s one of the beliefs that inspired our café-like office where advertising is always made from scratch. As an office full of creative minds who love food and the conversations that come with it, we were saddened to hear that Bourdain—a fellow food-lover and creative—had passed on June 8th.

Is geofencing right for your business?

As digital marketers, we are always looking for the next best thing. Our clients are too! But just because something is the “next” thing doesn’t always mean it’s the “best” thing for your business. That’s why it’s important to be strategic about which types of digital marketing tactics and channels are used to grow your business.

Picking the right logo for your business

When you’re looking to build a strong business or organization, a solid logo and brand design is a must.

A logo is the visual representation of a company or brand’s values, beliefs and functions. When designing one, you need to make sure it will represent the business the right way. There are many considerations to keep in mind such as: