Reporting you can trust

With a rich heritage rooted in the Treasure Valley and a strong commitment to journalistic integrity, the Idaho Press delivers meaningful, trustworthy stories that reflect their reader’s concerns and interests.

Their dedicated reporters thoroughly investigate every story and give readers the kind of factual information that helps them make informed decisions. That’s why the Idaho Press and its affiliated papers and websites are read by more people in the Treasure Valley than any other. 

To promote the newspaper to various audiences, including current and potential subscribers and existing and prospective advertisers, Elisco worked with the Idaho Press marketing team to develop an integrated brand campaign. 

The consumer campaign included digital advertising, newspaper ads, and event sponsorship promotions. The campaign focused on the key benefits of the newspaper, such as providing the local news readers want, including community and state government news and sports and entertainment.

The campaign also touched on how readers can get the news they want in the format they want, including in print, online, or through social media channels. Importantly, the campaign also focused on credibility with the campaign theme, Believe it!

A new, breakthrough, multi-channel advertising program. Navigating today’s ever-changing media landscape and connecting with customers isn’t easy. It requires a deliberate, well-crafted marketing strategy that’s executed on more than one platform. That’s why the Idaho Press created a new multi-channel advertising program called Catalyst. Catalyst, a proprietary software program, was at the core of the campaign targeting advertisers. Used by the press’s in-house digital agency and advertising consultants, Catalyst helps analyze and leverage customer data into successful multi-channel marketing campaigns.