How a hospital CEO led the way on social media.

When there’s a healthcare crisis, people turn to the professionals they know and trust. In Indiana and Westmoreland County, that means the doctors, nurses, and staff at Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC). As a result, in mid-March 2020, when COVID-19 reached Pennsylvania, people were justifiably afraid and looking for answers and guidance from the government and their local healthcare provider.

To reach people within the hospital’s footprint, IRMC’s President & CEO, Steve Wolf, decided to post a series of self-shot videos on the hospital’s social media platforms. The purpose of the videos was to educate the community about COVID-19, discuss the hospital’s actions to address the pandemic, and explain new patient and visitor policies. Steve’s authentic on-camera approach received over 15,000 views and gratitude from many in the community for his fact-based approach and reassuring message.

Elisco builds on social success

To amplify IRMC’s message, Elisco developed a series of videos for social media, the hospital web site, and a digital ad campaign. Because of the new stay-at-home restrictions, the agency could not shoot any new footage. To overcome this obstacle, Elisco used historical photographs from the hospital’s archives and previously shot footage at the hospital.

The videos included 15-second messages for pre-roll on local TV news sites and 30-second spots for other digital platforms. In addition to video, Elisco created billboards and signage.