Economic Development Annual Report design.

The Allegheny County Economic Development (ACED) is a governmental agency that raises money primarily from federal and state sources to invest in various areas, including affordable housing, public infrastructure, commercial/ industrial development, brownfield reclamation, parks and recreation, and more.

To help promote Allegheny County and aid in government transparency, Elisco was hired to design The Allegheny County Economic Development annual report. The visually compelling and easy-to-read annual report provides Allegheny County residents, business leaders, and government leaders with the results of some of the key initiatives from the previous year.

Whenever ACED invests, it fulfills one or both aspects of its two-fold mission to — increase the regional economy’s diversity, growth, and competitiveness to ensure it’s opportunity-rich for everybody and create healthy and vibrant neighborhoods that meet the needs of the annual report includes some of the key initiatives from 2022 that ACED provided and supported. Through partnerships and teamwork, ACED’s mission of maintaining and enhancing the economic, social, and environmental quality of life for all residents of Allegheny County.