Culture wins — in sports and branding. 

In one year, the Tampa Bay Bucs have gone from a losing record to the Super Bowl. Sports experts attribute the dramatic change in the team’s performance to the new quarterback, Tom Brady, his talent — and how Brady changed Tampa Bay’s culture. 

Creating the right culture and communicating it to employees doesn’t just result in success in sports. It also works in business and is echoed in the old saying, culture eats strategy for breakfast. At the Creative Café, we know something about food, strategy, and culture. In fact, after 20 years in business as a traditional ad agency, we rebuilt our company — on culture — that resulted in our café-like setting where we combine our passion for food, the arts, and branding.

The Creative Café culture — like any good corporate culture — helps attract and retain quality people, differentiates us from our competition in a meaningful way, and helps us win accounts that are the right fit for everyone involved.  

That’s why this Super Bowl, I’ll be rooting for culture. And Tampa Bay. 

If you’d like to talk about your corporate culture and brand, let me know. We have a recipe for that.