Writing History for a Historical and Preservation Society

The Murrysville Historical Preservation Society’s mission is to educate residents through the discovery, collection, and documentation of historical data, as well as support the preservation and refurbishing of historical structures, monuments, and landmarks in the Murrysville area. As part of their mission, Elisco was selected to create educational materials for the Hoey/Staymates cabin. 

In 1758, during the French and Indian War, British General John Forbes and his officers led his army to build a road from Carlisle, Pennsylvania to present-day Pittsburgh. 26-year-old British Col. George Washington led the roadbuilding from Ligonier to Pittsburgh. Remnants of this road are near the Hoey-Staymates cabin. Used initially to try to take Fort Duquesne from the French, Forbes Road became the main route for settlers and traders from Philadelphia across the Allegheny mountains.

Conestoga wagons became a valuable means to transport families and goods. Westmoreland became the first county west of the Alleghenies in 1773. Soon after, John Byrns originally laid claim to a parcel of land in Murrysville in 1774. This would eventually become the site of the Hoey/Staymates cabin. 

Murrysville, founded by Jeremiah Murry, built a log cabin to house his family and serve as a general store. The family prospered as the traffic increased on Forbes Road and the adjacent Frankstown Path. Murry later added a grist mill and sawmill.