A Café Conversation

When we transitioned our ad agency to Elisco’s Creative Café in 2001, we started to do things differently as a business. Instead of staying in a traditional office space, we opened in a small storefront on Butler Street. 

The idea was to create a special place where like-minded people could meet, share ideas and stories, and enjoy music and food — in the front of our café — while we created advertising campaigns in the back. We wanted to celebrate what we loved: ideas, food, and our Italian heritage. A lot of wonderful people started visiting our cafe and sharing their stories. What we heard was so great that we wanted to share it. So, we decided to invite some of our friends to our office, talk with them about their business and life — and film it. The first person we invited in 2002 was Larry Lagattuta. It had to be Larry. He was a kindred soul and a wonderful storyteller.

This is our conversation.

Café Conversation with Larry Lagattuta.