Marketing Communications Strategic Action Plan

Launching a new product, service, or company is an important process that involves strategic planning and thinking at the highest level. At Elisco, we’re deeply involved with our clients in the entire process, from strategy to creative development. 

To create the most efficient plans for our clients, we have developed a go-to-market (GTM) bootcamp — a comprehensive two-day workshop that serves as the foundation of a strategic strategy. It results in a step-by-step action plan to launch a new product, service, or company successfully. Our planning methodology, SmartPlan, uses an interactive storyboard technique facilitated by Elisco to gather a lot of information and quickly turn it into an actionable plan. Since the decision-makers participate in the session, we’re also able to build consensus right from the beginning on the overall direction for your brand.

  • Ready to launch a new product or service
  • Introducing existing product or service to a new market
  • Re-introducing a company (new direction, acquisitions, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Testing a new product or service in a new market
  • Define a successful go-to-market strategy
  • Build internal consensus on strategy, messaging, and tactics
  • Get a strategic marcom plan geared to your specific launch in three weeks

The Go-to-Market strategy and action plan can be completed in as little as 21 days. At the completion of the process, you will receive a bullet-point summary of the SmartPlan session. This will provide your team with an opportunity to review the information gathered, provide additional feedback, and make any changes. Once the SmartPlan summary is finalized, the details of the action plan will be worked on by your team at Elisco. Your final go-to-market action plan will include objectives, audiences, strategies, tactics, messaging, marketing channels, time frames, budget, and KPIs. In effect, the plan will provide direction for what you are going to do, when you will do it, what it will cost, and the expected results.

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