Catholic festivals, Italian coffee shops, and private Catholic school branding. 

While our agency’s heritage is Italian, we’re a secular shop. Having said that, we have done a lot of work for Catholics, including the dating site, the Pittsburgh St. Anthony Festival, Our Lady of Lourdes, La Prima Espresso (Italian/Catholic-owned), and more. The following is some of the work we’ve done.

Some believe that pitching an ad campaign to a crusty board of directors is hard. They should try presenting ideas to priests and Benedictine monks. 

God help us. A pitched brand campaign including billboards and print.

To sing the praises of, we hired the Mother of Sorrows church choir to sing our radio spot — a new lyrical take on Beethoven’s Ode to Joy With lyrics like, “I search for love all the time/ in person – and online/ Profiles are often misleading/ oh, Lord/ please give me a sign,” we differentiated even more significantly from all of the other dating sites.