The Creative Café is a moveable feast

When COVID-19 happened, we had to close our office and work remotely for almost four months. During this time, we realized something — a work-from-anywhere agency actually works. We met deadlines. We stayed within budgets. And we delivered the results our clients expected. All without an office. In fact, while working remotely, we continued to receive the kind of client feedback that we’ve always gotten like “We love your work!” and “This is amazing!”

So, we asked ourselves, do we really want to go back to the way things were and work in an office? The answer was no. Were our clients clamoring to come to our space for meetings? Nope. Did prospective clients ask to tour our building? Not one.

That’s why we’ve decided to close our old office and re-open as a new virtual agency. We’ll continue to work just like we have been — remotely but always present. But now, when we need a place for strategic planning sessions, meetings, or presentations, we’ll use a co-working space. For café events like wine tastings and special dinners, we’ll host them at different venues.

What will change for clients? Not much. New clients? Zip. Everyone will get the same proactive service, strategic thinking, and compelling creative that we’ve delivered since 1978. The only difference — instead of seeing us at 3707 Butler Street, you’ll be able to find us virtually anywhere. After all, the café lifestyle is a moveable feast.