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The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP) is a non-profit community development organization cultivating and implementing innovative programs to enhance Pittsburgh’s downtown. As an advocate for businesses, workers, and residents, the PDP helps make Pittsburgh a thriving urban environment through a wide variety of programs, including streetscaping and placemaking, to developing and hosting many of Pittsburgh’s signature events like the nationally recognized Picklesburgh.

Together with their 44-member volunteer board, 220 corporate members, and support from foundations, the PDP does a lot — every day of the year. As a result, when it’s time to report on PDP’s annual achievements, there’s a skyscraper of data.

Elisco, working with the team at PDP, turned a comprehensive written report with thousands of facts and figures into a meaningful and visual showcase that highlights the partnership’s annual achievements using graphs, charts, tables, and more. Additional campaign elements included print and digital invitations to the Annual Meeting, event programs, signage, and event presentation.

PDP 2020 Annual Meeting signage.
PDP 2020 Annual Meeting PowerPoint slide template.

So, if you have a lot of data and want to deliver it in a compelling way, we have some numbers for you: 412-586-5840 ext. 15.

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