Branding in Banking


A New Product For a New Direction in Banking.

When Clearview was planning to launch its first new checking account in over a decade, they turned to Elisco for help. To introduce the new product, Elisco worked with Clearview’s leadership team and developed the marketing communications strategy, created the checking account name, campaign tagline, in-branch signage, brochures, and produced TV, radio, social-media videos, and digital content.

A lot of features and one benefit
— banking the way you want to.

At the core of the campaign was market segmentation— matching people (demo/psychographics) with the product benefits that best suited their lifestyle and banking needs. The campaign featured credit union members, highlighted what made each person unique, and then showed how the new account benefits matched their individual needs. For Millennial’s, there was cell phone protection, for Baby boomers, a health savings discount, and Generation X, travel and leisure discounts. Other key demographics were also targeted.

The campaign was divided into two phases. The first phase targeted existing members through a series of direct mail, in-branch signage, branch brochures, and digital content. Once the members were aware of the new account and educated about its new benefits, a mass media campaign, including TV, radio, and print was used to aract new members.

Absolutely everything you need in a TV spot — a memorable product name that’s repeated, features and benefits raled off in an entertaining way, and a likable personality representing the brand.

Absolute satisfaction. Just like that.

When you combine a good product with a targeted ad campaign, you get good results. So, it was no surprise when Clearview met their membership retention goals and added new members.

For desktop and mobile banking, new digital creative was developed and included new website design elements and copy, and video testimonials.

A product brochure with a comparison chart made it easy for members and prospective members to evaluate the new account. Print ads in local publications featured prominent community members touting the new account.

In-brand posters, digital displays, and ATM displays promoted product benefits and reinforced the checking account value for customers who visited a branch.

Short client testimonial videos were posted and shared on social media, including Facebook and YouTube.


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