Branding campaign to capture millennial beer drinkers

Celebrate Friendsgiving with Stoney's Beer

Old-School beer for millennials.

For four generations, Stoney’s has brewed its beer with the same key ingredients — water, yeast, malt, and hops. That’s why it’s pure, honest beer. There’s no corn, rice, syrup, propylene glycol — whatever that is — or artificial coloring. It’s just beer. Honestly.

Stoney’s wanted to introduce their beer to the growing number of new families and millennials moving to Pittsburgh. And, they also wanted to remind locals why it’s one of the region’s favorite sons. So they stopped by the Creative Café and told us their story. We asked them some questions. And then we listened.

We learned that since 1907, Stoney’s had been a part of family and friend gatherings in Western Pennsylvania. Graduations. Baptisms. Weddings. You name it. Stoney’s has always been a welcomed guest. And while Stoney’s recipe has remained the same, the idea of family has continued to change. And for transplants to Pittsburgh, members of their new family are from their adopted neighborhoods. Lawrenceville. East Liberty. Stanton Heights. Their community. The people they know and care about —from yoga class, the dog park, their coffee shop, and the local bar.

So Elisco pitched an idea — promote Stoney’s Beer by celebrating the only holiday celebrated by friends and for friends — Friendsgiving. Stoney’s liked the idea. A lot. That’s why you’ll see our ads on social media, billboards, buses, and in your local beer distributor.

So pick up a case or two and take it to your Friendsgiving. Your extended family and friends will be glad you did.

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