Reenergizing Pittsburgh’s Shopping & Marketplace

Pittsburgh's Strip District

When COVID-19 came, our favorite Strip District restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, and Italian grocery store took a hit. The once-bustling market district was empty. As Pennsylvania’s reopening sputtered, the owners decided to band together to promote each other, their businesses, and the Historic Strip District. 

Over a cappuccino, Elisco met with the owners and developed a plan of action to keep their businesses top-of-mind and get people back in their stores and cafes. The program included a collaborative website,, that promoted the district and each company. A series of six radio spots were created and reached Pittsburghers in the city and suburbs. The store owners were also featured on a half-hour iHeartRadio podcast about the Historic Strip. Social media included a variety of posts like the positive reaction of Pittsburgh’s number one morning show to the radio spots. 

Radio spot featuring Ray Mikesell from Café Raymond
WDVE, one of Pittsburgh’s top radio stations, reacts on-air to one of the Historic Strip radio spots.
Radio spot featuring Sam Patti of La Prima

Website and social media campaign promoting the Strip District.

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