There have always been jokes about lawyers.

When did law-firm advertising become such a joke?

Many of the ad campaigns promoting medical malpractice and personal injury law firms have become a joke. From Pittsburgh, PA, to St. Petersburg, FL, lawyers appear on billboards dressed in silly costumes, perform three-ring-circus radio spots, and promote endless sales gimmicks. 

For 75+ years, Rosen & Perry has been a different kind of law firm. They believe in the dignity of their profession and the dignity of their clients. At Rosen & Perry, their attorneys have recovered record-setting settlements, verdicts, and compensation that allow their clients to live their lives with dignity, and their trial results have earned the highest respect and accolades of their peers.

To maintain awareness in urban areas, bus shelters and exterior bus advertising were employed. Many of the bus shelters were positioned near hospitals and healthcare clinics.

To position Rosen & Perry against other medical malpractice and personal injury firms, Elisco created the “Serious” campaign that highlights the firm’s philosophy and approach. The campaign also identifies Rosen & Perry’s audience — victims of serious medical malpractice and personal injury—cases requiring highly-skilled lawyers and an in-house staff of medical experts. The campaign includes billboards, print ads, and digital.

Billboards serve as the anchor to the campaign and establish the theme. Out-of-home serves to keep the firm top-of-mind and support search engine optimization, search engine marketing, online ads, and print advertising. The billboards are posted throughout the year in rural and urban areas. In addition to digital ads, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing, and a website takeover on was included in the media buy.

The campaign includes a website takeover of, an AM radio station owned and operated by Audacity, Inc. Known as the voice of Pittsburgh, KDKA is a leading radio station that provides entertaining talk and the region’s most trusted news, traffic, and weather.

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